Jerahmie Libke was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Baseball became the center of Jerahmie’s life at a very young age. He was raised by his mother, Brenda Libke and he has two younger siblings, Jessica and Jayson.  One of Jerahmie’s uncles, played professional baseball.  He had a huge impact of Jerahmie’s life, and was always a great father figure.  He shared his passion and knowledge with Jerahmie and Jerahmie fell in love with the game.

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Getting Ready for Little League


Little League is an excellent opportunity for players to get better at their craft. The great thing about Little League is that they will play 2 to 3 games a week. With a game schedule like that, it is an opportunity for the player to train on their own and implement it in a game. Learning what to do at home or with mom and dad is the problematic part.

The big thing with training at home or for an average player getting ready for a season is to get on a consistent schedule. The regular schedule allows for the player to not have to think about what they need to do; they do it because it’s repetition. That is precisely what Baseball and Softball demand. Learning to do the same thing correctly over and over again. Baseball and Softball are so mental that we forget that practicing their crafts daily will allow your kid to be better mentally. Being strong mentally allows for the approach to be solid or right.

Learning to create an approach for the player is tricky. At the beginning when the athlete is preparing for their Little League season, they need to learn the correct fundamentals and practice them, so they learn to do it correctly. Reps are only useful when you have the proper fundamentals. The five key tools to baseball and softball are Hitting, Throwing, Catching, Fielding and Agility. Teaching the player, the correct fundamentals on these five tools will allow for the player to have an approach that will create success in the sport/game.

Practicing these five tools daily is tough with school and practice. Doing two or three things every other day is reasonable. Maybe the first day the athlete will work on catching, fielding, and throwing. The next day the player works on their tools they will do hitting and agility. Again, it’s not just about taking reps; the player will need some instruction to learn the fundamentals of it. Libke Pro offers a Little League Training Series that teaches the fundamentals of all those tools. It takes discipline to break bad habits and learn how to be consistent with the muscle memory to do it correctly.

The muscle memory of doing things correctly is what allows the player to play in the game. Muscle memory takes a long time to create but the more you practice the correct fundamentals, the faster the player gets it to become fluent and instinctive. The best athletes are very instinctual and reactional with their tools. The player will perform better reacting versus forcing it to happen. With all this said, practicing a few months before the Little League Season is vital to how the player will perform for Little League. The old saying practice makes perfect…. Perfect practice makes players react correctly.

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