Jerahmie Libke was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Baseball became the center of Jerahmie’s life at a very young age. He was raised by his mother, Brenda Libke and he has two younger siblings, Jessica and Jayson.  One of Jerahmie’s uncles, played professional baseball.  He had a huge impact of Jerahmie’s life, and was always a great father figure.  He shared his passion and knowledge with Jerahmie and Jerahmie fell in love with the game.

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Little League Routine

As a player learning to play baseball at a young age is very exciting for both the parents and kid. At this time, the kid doesn’t really know if they are a baseball player or just playing baseball for fun. Players that seem to be baseball players will be the ones that want to always play, practice, or just be around it all the time. In this article, it will allow parents and kids to create the right attributes to be a good BASEBALL PLAYER!

There are 6 categories mentioned for a young Little Leaguer to become very good at baseball.

The first category is: Learning solid practice habits

• Your skills are considered pieces of your BUSINESS. If you want your business to be successful or succeed, you need to get those skills really good to have a smoothly run business that makes you good!
• Your parents work every-day to be great at their jobs, so why wouldn’t you be willing to work at your game to be good? It’s a game that you’re playing not a JOB.
• Doing it at an early age allows you to learn new things or be more advanced than everybody else.
• Practicing more than everybody else will automatically allow you to be better when it’s game time.
• Doing it more will give you the confidence that is needed to beat players and teams that are more talented than you. For example, some players have a terrible swing but always on time, and they hit. Some players have a great swing and bad timing that doesn’t turn into a hit. So be confident and grind more to beat everybody. You’re the best!
• Only takes 21 days for it to become a routine and you’ll just enjoy doing it because you’ll get better faster and results will be better to drive you to stick with the ROUTINE.

The second category is: Be a good teammate

• Baseball is a team sport, so always make players around you better by giving them confidence or words of encouragement. It’s really easy to do.
• Make your teammates look good by throwing every ball to their chest, and it will be easy for them to catch it every time.
• Lead by example, which means doing everything right and playing fast with a positive attitude. Players will attract to that and want to be like you, which makes the team better.
• When teammates fail, pick them up and let them know they will succeed or be better on the next play or at bat.

The third category is: Learning to compete

• Win at everything you do, whether its sprints, most accurate while playing catch, fielding every ball and catch every ball.
• Having quality at-bats whether you get a hit or not.
• Communicate to your teammates so they know where to be or where they should throw the ball.
• Whether your winning or losing, play the same way because you win no matter how it goes.
• Be 1st at everything, believe it, and be extremely confident no matter the situation or scenario.

The fourth category is: Becoming more consistent with fundamentals

• Practice the correct movements while you do it over & over again.
• Libke Pro – Creates muscle memory in your posture and hand angle to field and catch defensively.
• Jaeger Bands – Creates strong but quality form for your arm.
• Tee for Hitting – Allows you to practice your swing habits because you can put the tee wherever you want and not have to worry about where the ball is pitched.
• Every swing should be a quality swing with the same intensity as if it’s a game.
• Learning to not move your spine when you swing.
• Keeping your eyes on the ball the entire swing.
• Keeping your head behind the barrel at contact.
• The ball is always coming to you, so don’t ever try to go get the ball.
• 200-400 swings are ideal.
• Learn to cut the ball off at all positions with your feet split on defense.
• Always take straight angles to cut it off, NOT BANANA or HALF MOONS to the ball.
• High butt & Flatback when you field the ball.

The fifth category is: Learn how to deal with failure

• Baseball is the hardest sport because you will fail 7 out of 10 times hitting and that is amazing.
• Short term memory because there is always another play that you can make the adjustment on.
• Confidence and knowing you’re great will get you through all the failures.
• Practice harder and play loose will help you overcome failure.

The sixth category is: Take advantage of the 9 months that isn’t Little League Season

• Work 3-5 days a week an hour a day.
• Hitting, Fielding, and Throwing
• Build arm strength by doing your bands and throwing more.
• Get faster and more athletic.
• Sprint work
• 10 to 15 Short distance sprints
• 10 to 15 Sprints uphill
• NFL Shuffles
• 10 to 15 reps
• Jump Rope*****
• Practice jumping for 1 minute without messing up (Both feet & single foot) – 1 minute on & 1 minute 30-second break & do it for 15 minutes Latter’s
• Drills with both feet & single foot – 10 to 20 minutes
• 20 minutes 3-5 days a week do some form of running and you will get faster very quickly.

Turning into a BASEBALL PLAYER is a lot of fun. Your business will run smooth once you learn to have a routine by taking care of all your tools and skills. Your routine will take you as far as you want to go as long as you stick with the method. As you get older, the routine will get more in-depth with technique and quickness.

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