Jerahmie Libke was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Baseball became the center of Jerahmie’s life at a very young age. He was raised by his mother, Brenda Libke and he has two younger siblings, Jessica and Jayson.  One of Jerahmie’s uncles, played professional baseball.  He had a huge impact of Jerahmie’s life, and was always a great father figure.  He shared his passion and knowledge with Jerahmie and Jerahmie fell in love with the game.

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What Our Clients Say About Us!

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Infield Instructor

"About a year ago my 14 year old son and I really started to invest a lot of time into developing his fielding mechanics. I was introduced to the Libke Pro around that time and it has become an everyday tool for us. We use it in some form every training session which usually includes dry work and live fungo work. Whether we are working backhands, routine balls, or fielding on the run the Libke Pro ensures consistent and ideal glove presentation. We use it with his game day glove, bare hand, and have also added the Libke trainer glove in our mix of tools. It’s a very versatile tool and one that can benefit anyone playing any position. I feel like we have only scratched the surface of what can be improved by using the Libke Pro. It will remain in my training bag for years to come and I would recommend players using it as early as possible in their training. Thanks for making such a great product Libke Pro!"

Jeff Prejean

University of South Carolina Softball

"This tool has made it easy to teach positioning of the glove for fielding drills. It puts the players in a good glove position which eliminates errors. It has also assisted us with transfer drills and redirecting the ball. I recommend this tool, especially the new smaller model for the smaller hands."

Coach Lisa Navas

University Alabama Birmingham Softball

“The Libke infield training products for softball absolutely positively impacted our defense at UAB. In 2019, we were the most improved defense in Conference USA. Additionally, we were a top 15 team in double plays per game and set a school record for double plays as well. Libke’s products helped us accomplish these feats. These products allowed our infielders to improve their glove posture and transfers in particular. I highly recommend these products. We use them almost daily with our various defensive routines.”

Coach Joe Guthrie

Instantaneous feedback for player and coach

Just wanted to drop a quick note after using your product for the last 1.5/2 years. In short, I can honestly say it works, works well and works fast. The feedback is instantaneous for player and coach. Started with my son as a 10 yr old, and while it did take some time for him to adjust using it, it is now a stable of our practice regime. After seeing the results, he is adamant we use it at least once a week. Also gotten many, many compliments from his professional coaches on the concept and ease of use. His younger coaches (who played college ball within the past couple of years) are all too familiar with the Libke name having used it themselves in college. And I’m also happy to report the product is STILL in great shape - no tears, rips, Velcro still sticks, etc . . . Quite an accomplishment considering the frequency we use it.. It has outlasted several of his fielding gloves. I’m not one to offer reviews, but I can honestly say the Libke outperformed all our expectations. It only seemed fair to give some credit where credit was due. I also recall you guys sending me an email about a month after we got our Libke, asking for our thoughts - that was a nice touch on y’alls end. The fact my then 10 yr old son, now 12 yrs old, can personally see the difference in his glove work says it all. He went from being pretty good fielder, to a finely polished one. It’s rare a product like this gets used so often for 2 yrs - and as I previously said, we’ve had zero issues with it. Anyway, just wanted to say congrats on a great product!