Jerahmie Libke was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Baseball became the center of Jerahmie’s life at a very young age. He was raised by his mother, Brenda Libke and he has two younger siblings, Jessica and Jayson.  One of Jerahmie’s uncles, played professional baseball.  He had a huge impact of Jerahmie’s life, and was always a great father figure.  He shared his passion and knowledge with Jerahmie and Jerahmie fell in love with the game.

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What Our Clients Say About Us!

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Play Different Ground Balls

The Libke Pro Fielder is more than just a tool for the glove presentation. It gives you a better understanding on how to play different ground balls. It helps improve your feet and instincts by making you go and get the good hop. It truly makes you a complete and overall better infielder.

David Modler - Utah Valley University

Teaches The Correct Way!

The Libke Pro Fielder allows me as a coach to be able to teach my infielders the correct way with their body posture and hand position to field each ground ball whether I am watching or not!

Mike Stiles - Infield Coach at Bishop Gorman

Best Infield Tool

The Libke Pro Fielder is the tool that will take good infielders and turn them into great infielders. This is the best infield tool on the market!

Brett Harrison - Coach at CBA

Awesome Tool!

The Libke Pro Fielder is an awesome tool! I wasn’t expecting it but the bigger and most drastic immediate thing I saw was footwork. It forced them to get their feet working right. The players looked completely different. I was like really, where have those feet been the last two months!

Beau Day - Club Ball Coach

See it, feel it, do it!

The Libke Pro trainer allows my Little League level infielders to feel the open glove technique that I have been coaching! Now they really can “see it, feel it, and do it” because of this tool! Perfect practice, makes perfect!

Kevin Edwards - Little League Head Coach

Natural Training Aid!

The Libke Pro Fielder training tool is a natural training aid to help with our infield ground ball play. What we talk to our players all the time, this training apparatus gets glove hand in the perfect position for all ground balls. We love it!!

Nick Garritano - Head Coach at CSN

Libke is one of the best!

One of the best fielding trainers in the game. Great product!

Andy Concepcion - Head Coach Brighton High School

Great fundamental tool!

Its a great fundamental tool. Ive always taught to keep your hands out and the Libke Pro Fielder has really helped show the infielders what I’m talking about.

Mike Eshragh - Infield Coach CSN

Best new product on the market!

The Libke Pro Fielder is the best new product out on the market, this product allows every infielder to consistently get your hands and glove in the correct angle on every ground ball. Not only will this speed up your development as an infielder but it will make you a quieter and smoother all around infielder so in the game it becomes second nature. My only regret is not being able to use this tool during my playing days, get your hands on one today!

Taylor Smart - Infield Coach at University of Arizona